Sunday, January 27, 2013

Are you living or are you LIVING?

Are you living or are you LIVING? To truly LIVE is to grow, to advance, to change, to excel. The act of LIVING is an evolving process. You know better, so you DO better-- Wisdom AND Knowledge. Old ways of the past die off and you become NEW, i.e. better.

Or are you living (lowercase), meaning you are just going through the motions, drunk every week, cursing, drugs, not a care in the world. Being blown by EVERY which way. "Where is your discipline?" says the Lord.

At some point you have to realize, that God loves you BUT is displeased with your actions.

God did NOT just put you here to live. He put you here to LIVE (uppercase)! There is a purpose for your life. Do you see it? Or are you living (lowercase) in money, drugs, men, women, materialism, lusts, greed, etc.

God KNOWS your heart, He is NOT fooled by your appearance, false words, or worship. How many Sundays will go by where every week you LEAVE the same way you came. There is NO fruit produced. "Where are your fruits?" says the Lord. He wants to see fruit.

It is time to wake up. Either you are children of God OR children of Satan. You cannot be BOTH. Pick a team!

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