Sunday, November 11, 2012

Do NOT count out your blessings:

We are hearing confirmations left and right. Do NOT count God out. Do NOT count out your blessings. The year is NOT over yet. It is NOT too late to get what was promised to you. KEEP pressing, KEEP pushing, KEEP moving. It's NOT over. You are still coming out-- if you REMAIN focused, IN faith, AND believe. KEEP speaking it UNTIL things change! SPEAK it into the atmosphere and WATCH God move. Praise Him-- your VICTORY is here! There is a shift talking place. Things are NOT what they seem. The devil is a liar. Progress is at hand. "All is well" says the Lord. Rest in peace knowing it is already done. "It is already done" says the Lord. Do NOT give up. Be hopeful. Expect a NEW beginning. Expect INCREASE. Expect deliverance. Expect healings. Expect all that was promised to you. Believe and you WILL receive. Stay in the RIGHT position to receive. The straight and narrow is the TRUE way. Beware of backsliding. Now GO GET YOUR BLESSINGS!

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